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The wealth of nature in the Kelimutu National Park Indonesia

The wealth of nature in the Kelimutu National Park Indonesia

kelimutu national park
kelimutu national park
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Kelimutu National Park - when you hear the word kelimutu, certainly that is on your mind is Lakes of kelimutu. It is true that Lake kelimutu is very well known but it was not only that, there are still many other tourist attractions which you can find in the Park area Tourism kelimutu.

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Kelimutu National Park history, East Nusa Tenggara

The park with an area of about 5300ha this is a conservation area which then serve as tourist attractions at 1997. When compared with some of the existing national park in the nusa tenggara and Bali, this park is the most small.

Kelimutu National Park stretches across 3 sub Wolowaru sub-district, Detsuko, andNdona, NTT. In Kelimutu national park there are many kinds of flora and fauna. For fauna, there are about 100 species are scattered and include the endemic flora is namely a begonia kelimutuensis and rhondodenron renschianum. In addition to the two plants, there are still many other flora that you can find in a garden like this national, Cypress, schleichera, edelweis and.

Flora and fauna of kelimutu National Park

fauna kelimutu national park
kelimutu national park

As for the fauna, there are a wide variety of species ranging from a hawk, pangolin, rats, Mongoose, a bull, and many more. There are also some endemic species of birds such as the gerugiwa birds, owls, opior, dwarf crested minivet, Whistler flores, and various species of birds.

Kalimutu Lake

The exoticism of Kelimutu National Park became complete with the presence of a lake is very famous, namely Lake Kelimutu. Who is not familiar with the Lake, the Lake is also known as Lake of the three colors is the main attraction of the area of Kelimutu National Park. For those of you who love adventure and challenge, you have to take yourself to a vacation and visit the area of the Park which is at an altitude of Kelimutu 1,731 m above sea level.

With the range of existing in the exoticism of Kelimutu National Park is only reasonable, when lots of people are curious and want to see it in person. Attractions in East.

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