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Waterfall Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

Waterfall Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

Waterfall Cunca Wulang-Flores has a very attractive natural landscape. Starting from the beauty of nature in daratannya to its bottom. Then no wonder if Flores is one of the tourist destinations for the people of Indonesia even for foreign citizens.

One of the famous places in Flores with its beauty is Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is a port which is the gate to Komodo National Park and other natural beauty also Flores.

One of the natural beauty in Labuan Bajo are attractions waterfalls Cunca Wulang. Wulang Cunca is named because of the location of this waterfall is in the village of Cunca Wulang, Kec. Mbeilling, Kab. West Manggarai, NTT. When translated into bahasa Indonesia, and own Wulang Cunca means waterfall and the moon.


Waterfall Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

Waterfall Cunca wulang NTT Indonesia (Source Image:
Waterfall Cunca wulang NTT Indonesia (Source Image:


From the capital of West Manggarai, Labuan Bajo, this waterfall is approximately 30 Km away and can be reached for approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours drive. You can use private vehicles nor vehicles that many leased around the Inn in Labuan Bajo.

Wulang Cunca waterfall is in a remote forest area Mbeilling. In this area there are still two other waterfalls, which of course has a beauty and charm of each. Two other waterfalls which you can find in this forest area is flax Cunca waterfall and Cunca escaped.


Upon arrival in the village of Wersawe, which is the gate to the waterfall Cunca Wulang, you can sign up and fill out the guestbook as well as hiring the services of a guide who will show you the path to the waterfall Cuca Wulang.

Then the trip will be followed by a short walk through the Woods and rocks, as well as exploring the Bush. Roughly you have to walk as far as the 1 hour drive.

Although his journey arguably is not difficult, but still it can be draining you. Upon arrival at the location of the Cuca Wulang, the journey will continue with the climb for about 10 minutes to get to the waterfall.

The Beauty Of Waterfalls Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

The beauty of attractions waterfalls Cunca Wulang can make you not tired of looking. At first glance, this waterfall looks like a smaller version of the Grand Canyon with the flow of the river between Cliff boulders and waterfalls are at the top of the boulders and out through the cracks of the rocks.

Since the waterfall Wulang Cunca is located at an altitude of 200 metres above sea level, the water flowed very cold and cool. In the flow of the falls, you not only can play around water but also swimming, because the depth of the river is not too deep.

In addition, you can walk around with climbing rocks, because the rocks around the waterfall is not sharp. If you have a large enough courage, you can dive from the top of stone into the river.

But of course you should inquire in advance to guide whether the condition of the River could be said to be safe if have to jump from the top. Because at the time of the dry season, normally the intensity of the water decreases.

Sitting around relaxing while enjoying a view of the waterfall from the top can you do. Visiting this place really gives you an extraordinary experience and cannot be forgotten.
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