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Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley

 Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley

Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley. Baliem valley Papua there were inhabited by people of the tribe of Dani. This is the 6 facts regarding the Baliem valley;

Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley (image:

1. The largest Islamic Education Center in Papua

The pig and the dog became the majority of pets for people of Papua. This gives the impression that religion that they hug that is non-muslim. But in fact, in the District of Walesi Papua, its people being the largest Islamic population in the land of Papua. Walesi became a center of Islamic religious education for the people of the tribe of Dani. Here there is a madrasa and long boarding.

Religious differences is not to be a split. They can get along well with each other's life. Not even a little bit of one family who hold different religions. Islam gives the different colors in the land of Papua. If the tradition of custom ' burn stone ' in Papua used to use pork, Muslims in the Walesi Papua replaced it with chicken meat.

2. Festival of the Baliem valley, tribal war drama attractions

Indonesian Tourist Destination. Baliem valley Festival events, is a tribal war Dani, Lani Tribe, and the tribe Yali. Tribal wars is certainly safe to be seen. This festival event even attracted the attention of both local and world travelers. The event lasts for 3 days and held each August ahead of the celebration of the independence of Indonesia.

This means positive attraction for the community of Baliem valley ' yogotak hubuluk ' meaning hanaro motog ' hope of tomorrow which should be better than this day. '

3. The tradition of cut finger and mud baths as a form of expression of sorrow

Expression sad over the loss of relatives to the Dani in the Baliem valley, namely with a cut finger (ikipalin). This is the symbol of the pain and poignant they feel. Because for the people of the tribe of Dani, the fingers symbolise unity, kebersatuan, and strength in humans.

This finger-cutting can be done with sharp objects, bitten to break up or tie it with a piece of string to a dead finger and afterwards the new cut. Indeed, sounds really horrible. However, over time, cut finger action gets increasingly abandoned.

In addition to a cut finger, there is also the action of mud baths which give meaning that every human being who died will come back to the ground.

4. White Sands without Beach in Baliem valley

Baliem valley-shaped green hills which has very beautiful scenery and natural. However, the above here is precisely visible sights such as the presence of a white sand beach. The texture of the white sand in the Baliem valley exactly the same as the sand that is on the beach and even tasted salty.

Baliem valley (

Not only white sand that strengthen the notion that the Baliem valley was once a lake. The Baliem valley is also has a granite rocks sticking out of the ground. Purportedly, this region was once indeed a lake. However due to the earthquake, there was a great change in nature due to the Earth's tectonic plates shifted.

5. The party Burns rocks become proof of harmony's citizens in the Baliem valley

Indonesian Tourist Destination. This is a celebration or party conducted by Dani Tribe in the Baliem valley when it found the birth, weddings, funerals, prenatal, or euphoria after the war. The unique fire that made no use of a match, but by rubbing two wood to get out the blaze, which then later used to burn the rock. The stones are arranged on top of a pile of leaves which will then enter the tuber or pork to be cooked. Grilled rock activities require mutual between communities. This is where the most visible form of harmony.

6. Dani Tribe had a mummy

In the Baliem valley, there are mummies who have reached the age of 300 years in store in pilamo (men's House). The Mummy named Wim Motok Mabel who was a warlord. The remains of mummies believed able to prosper throughout his offspring in the future

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