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The Beauty Of Bunaken Marine Park Of Manado Indonesia

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The Beauty Of Bunaken Marine Park Of Manado Indonesia

Bukanen marine park in Manado was already famous throughout Indonesia, even the beauty of Bunaken are already known by lovers of diving in different parts of the world. Even though you have never come to the tourist places in Manado on this one, but as the one Indonesia is you must have heard of the beauty of Bunaken marine park which is very amazing.

Where is Bunaken Barine Park located ?

Bunaken Marine Park
Bunaken Marine Park


Tourist destinations is the most popular sights of Bunaken in Manado and is one of the best underwater tourism in Indonesia which has advantages in the form of natural resources under the sea as well as the beauty of the coral reefs and indulge the eye. No wonder if the number of visitor attractions in Manado this one every month not less than 35,000 people.

The beauty of Bunaken Marine Park indeed is not just a hoax. The best natural attractions in Manado stunning underwater nature panorama of extraordinary wealth and serves sea Indonesia in abundance.

In Bunaken Marine Park is available more than 12 types of coral reefs, a variety of kinds of fish and various types of marine life that proves the richness of the sea of Indonesia. With a swim in the waters of Bunaken, you will enjoy different sensations, your eyes will be spoiled by the charming underwater scenery and is rarely found in other waters.

The wealth of the sea in Bunaken is very rich, so that the interests of national and international organizations for the conservation of coral reefs and mangroves in Bunaken. Given the tremendous potential, in 1991, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Marine Minister when it inaugurated the area as a national marine park, coral, coral.

In addition to the potential for a tremendous undersea, land in the area of Bunaken also has abundant natural wealth such as coconut, Palm, sago and woka. While in the area of mangrove forests growing some plants such as, Lumnitzera SP., Sonneratia spp., Rhizophora spp., and Bruguiera spp.

Not only that, the area is also inhabited by Coral fauna such as deer, Celebes black APE, various types of shrimp, crabs, mollusks, cuscus, cangak birds of the sea, seagulls, cranes, and common tern.

Bunaken Marine Park is also known in advance from tourist destinations Raja Ampat Papua. Even before the Raja Ampat is widely known by domestic and foreign tourists, we only know the Bunaken Marine Park has a wealth of incredible underwater in Indonesia.

Bunaken island tourism

Bunaken Marine Park has a total area of about 75,265 hectares with five islands in it, namely the island of Manado Tua, Mantehage Island, Siaden, Naen Island and the island of Bunaken. Geographically, the island of Manado Bunaken is located in the waters of the Golden Triangle, which links the sea of Papua, Indonesia and the Philippines Sea.

Almost all types of marine life can be found in perauran, coral, such as various types of coral reefs, turtles, thousands of marine fish and so on. No wonder if the Bunaken Marine Park then claimed as the underwater parks that have the most complete marine biodiversity in the world.

Bunaken Marine Park as the best diving spots in the world

Bunaken Marine Park
Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park touted as a haven for world-class divers. With diving in the waters of Bunaken, Manado divers can see the picturesque scenery with the sea life.

Bunaken National Marine Park provides the best spots for diving in waters with depths of more than 18 metres. Divers can also enjoy the thrill of diving in the sea cliff or wall diving.

In Bunaken underwater there are Hanging walls or walls as high as the giant reef 25-50-meter curved upwards. Coral walls this is what being a food source fishes in the waters.

During a dive in the sea, the cliff divers will experience how to dive in the sea in a ravine, the divers also had the opportunity to meet with the turtles that are already hundreds of years old and capture every beautiful moment.

In the coral reefs of Bunaken lived about 3,000 fish sepesis, 12 types of coral reefs and other marine life. Species of fish that are often encountered in the waters of Bunaken is the unicorn, dansel, trigger, sweetlip and wrase.

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Bunaken sea depth reached 1000 meters. In the depths of the sea Bukane, divers can see a variety of large fish such as sharks, rays, tuna, skipjack tuna, marlin, fish screens, Barracuda, dolphins and whales. If lucky, divers can find rare types of fish such as King fish, sea turtles and dugong.

Activities under the sea waters of Bunaken surely will be very fun and not easily forgotten. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed on a vacation to the sights on this one.

For those of you who do not carry tools and equipment, diving in Bunaken already available tools rentals complete with diving and snorkeling mask, wetsuit and frog shoes deng.

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Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley

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 Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley

Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley. Baliem valley Papua there were inhabited by people of the tribe of Dani. This is the 6 facts regarding the Baliem valley;

Indonesian Tourist Destination, Baliem Valley (image:

1. The largest Islamic Education Center in Papua

The pig and the dog became the majority of pets for people of Papua. This gives the impression that religion that they hug that is non-muslim. But in fact, in the District of Walesi Papua, its people being the largest Islamic population in the land of Papua. Walesi became a center of Islamic religious education for the people of the tribe of Dani. Here there is a madrasa and long boarding.

Religious differences is not to be a split. They can get along well with each other's life. Not even a little bit of one family who hold different religions. Islam gives the different colors in the land of Papua. If the tradition of custom ' burn stone ' in Papua used to use pork, Muslims in the Walesi Papua replaced it with chicken meat.

2. Festival of the Baliem valley, tribal war drama attractions

Indonesian Tourist Destination. Baliem valley Festival events, is a tribal war Dani, Lani Tribe, and the tribe Yali. Tribal wars is certainly safe to be seen. This festival event even attracted the attention of both local and world travelers. The event lasts for 3 days and held each August ahead of the celebration of the independence of Indonesia.

This means positive attraction for the community of Baliem valley ' yogotak hubuluk ' meaning hanaro motog ' hope of tomorrow which should be better than this day. '

3. The tradition of cut finger and mud baths as a form of expression of sorrow

Expression sad over the loss of relatives to the Dani in the Baliem valley, namely with a cut finger (ikipalin). This is the symbol of the pain and poignant they feel. Because for the people of the tribe of Dani, the fingers symbolise unity, kebersatuan, and strength in humans.

This finger-cutting can be done with sharp objects, bitten to break up or tie it with a piece of string to a dead finger and afterwards the new cut. Indeed, sounds really horrible. However, over time, cut finger action gets increasingly abandoned.

In addition to a cut finger, there is also the action of mud baths which give meaning that every human being who died will come back to the ground.

4. White Sands without Beach in Baliem valley

Baliem valley-shaped green hills which has very beautiful scenery and natural. However, the above here is precisely visible sights such as the presence of a white sand beach. The texture of the white sand in the Baliem valley exactly the same as the sand that is on the beach and even tasted salty.

Baliem valley (

Not only white sand that strengthen the notion that the Baliem valley was once a lake. The Baliem valley is also has a granite rocks sticking out of the ground. Purportedly, this region was once indeed a lake. However due to the earthquake, there was a great change in nature due to the Earth's tectonic plates shifted.

5. The party Burns rocks become proof of harmony's citizens in the Baliem valley

Indonesian Tourist Destination. This is a celebration or party conducted by Dani Tribe in the Baliem valley when it found the birth, weddings, funerals, prenatal, or euphoria after the war. The unique fire that made no use of a match, but by rubbing two wood to get out the blaze, which then later used to burn the rock. The stones are arranged on top of a pile of leaves which will then enter the tuber or pork to be cooked. Grilled rock activities require mutual between communities. This is where the most visible form of harmony.

6. Dani Tribe had a mummy

In the Baliem valley, there are mummies who have reached the age of 300 years in store in pilamo (men's House). The Mummy named Wim Motok Mabel who was a warlord. The remains of mummies believed able to prosper throughout his offspring in the future

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Kasadah Ceremony is indonesian culture facts

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Kasadah Ceremony is Indonesian Culture Facts

Tenggerese is the tribe that inhabit the slopes or around Mount Bromo, East Java. According to origin, the name of the tribe derives from the name of the ancestral pair tenggerese Roro Anteng and named Joko So. The tribe is housed in a cold location produces a variety of vegetables especially cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions. This hefty tenggerese area is extensive, ranging from the region of Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan to Malang.

Tenggerese community is predominantly Hindu. And one of the identical from this tribe is typical of their ceremony, namely Kasada ceremony. Kasada ceremony also known as Yadnya Kasada Feast or Kasodo. Kasada ceremony is a customary ritual held by the tenggerese every once a year when the Moon enters the Kasada exactly fall on day 14 in accordance with the Hindu calendar.
Kasadah Ceremony is indonesian culture facts (image:

Kasadah Ceremony Of The Tenggerese Process (Indonesian Culture Facts)

Cultural mores Kasada ceremony located around the crater of Mount Bromo precisely as Temple located at the foot of the north side, which is then followed to the Summit of Mount Bromo. Kasada ceremony is a form of giving of the offerings for the patron that is Sang Hyang Widhi. In addition, the ceremony Kasada Bromo is a ceremony that aims to honor and commemorate a great sacrifice Kusuma, the son of Raden Jaka So and Lara Anteng. As for the public, there is a strong belief if doing Kasada ceremony procession, then will be given safety, prosperity and blessings.

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Kasada ceremony culture ritual has the agenda of taking holy water from Springs Widodaren. Kasada ceremony begins with the inaugural elders Tengger and staging a ballet Rara Anteng and Jaka So. Then, at precisely midnight, the shaman's inauguration was held as well as the blessing of the Hindus.

At the time of the ceremony this Kasada, tenggerese will produce and bring in droves of cattle are regarded as a thank you to the Lord over results of the agriculture and animal husbandry. The results of the Earth was taken using a container that is named ongkek. The offerings in this ongkek will be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo Kasada ceremony when finished.

Why Kasada Ceremony held at Mount Bromo? (Indonesian Culture Facts)

There is a story that until now was believed to be a small community, related to enliven ceremony Kasada Bromo. According to the story, it originated from the story of Jaka So and Rara Anteng married but have not yet had children.

Then So Jaka and Rara Anteng placing meditated and hope on the creator in order that the child be given immediately. Both begged Sang Hyang Widhi with so khusyuk. And suddenly there was something rather supernatural Whisper that says So and Jaka Rara Anteng will soon have a child, but with certain conditions. The requirement is if it gets the kids very diingikannya then the youngest child should be sacrificed in the crater of Mount Bromo. Although heavy, they finally agreed the terms of an already submitted.

And it's true, just how long the child was anticipated. Long story short, at the time specified, Roro Anteng and Jaka So pick because nobody dares to sacrifice his only son into the crater of Bromo. Seeing this, the gods are angry and gives him the plagues. Kesuma who was the youngest So Jaka will and Roro Jonggrang was exposed to fire and into the crater of Mount Bromo.

Kasada Ceremony culture which takes place in Bromo is usually very crowded. It's not just a small community, but thousands of tourists, both local and foreigners also participated the ceremony witnessed the Kasada.

" Kasadah Ceremony is Indonesian Culture Facts "

This is short article about indonesian culture, article about culture and tradition and facts about the past indonesia. The culture about Indonesia like a fun fact bahasa indonesia, indonesian culture speech . I hope can write again about why indonesia is the happiest country and indonesian culture pdf

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Goat Island, Diving Meet Sharks

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Goat Island, Diving Meet Sharks

On hearing his name, don't expect this will be found on the island many goats that roam, because this is just a name for a very exotic island located just off the waters of Tanjung Bira.

Goat Island Location

Goat Island (
Goat Island, Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia is a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling activities. Goat Island distance fare is about 20 minutes from the beaches of Cape Bira of this beauty under its always been Idol and dream for lovers and connoisseurs. Tap water for its very clear crystal waters.

Goat Island is really special, in addition to the beautiful underwater scenery, rugged cliffs on the wall of the island making the island looked exotic. Goat Island visitors can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of the island of Goats climb the hill with precipitous cliffs. Visitors will see a different side of beauty when it is above this cliff. You will be able to see the view down the cliff in the beautiful and unforgettable.

Snorkeling on the Island Goats

The snorkeling locations, usually near the cliffs with a depth that is not too deep. View under the exceptional, more colorful but his current fair toned so that divers often bobbing on the surface.

So visitors should be more careful when snorkeling in this spot because purportedly she says, near Goat Island waters there is a sort of falls under the sea that causes current in the fair strong, so divers should be more careful because torrential currents.

For the diver, Goat Island is a favorite location, here are some dive spots and it looks like this area is an area of sharks and will not cover the possibility of divers will find sharks around these waters. Hopefully you while diving on the island could meet with the sharks that inhabit there.

For tourists who want to travel to Tanjung Bira, don't miss the beauty of the island Goats. Your eyes will be amazed and pampered beauty it's a very exotic under it.

Waterfall Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

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Waterfall Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

Waterfall Cunca Wulang-Flores has a very attractive natural landscape. Starting from the beauty of nature in daratannya to its bottom. Then no wonder if Flores is one of the tourist destinations for the people of Indonesia even for foreign citizens.

One of the famous places in Flores with its beauty is Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is a port which is the gate to Komodo National Park and other natural beauty also Flores.

One of the natural beauty in Labuan Bajo are attractions waterfalls Cunca Wulang. Wulang Cunca is named because of the location of this waterfall is in the village of Cunca Wulang, Kec. Mbeilling, Kab. West Manggarai, NTT. When translated into bahasa Indonesia, and own Wulang Cunca means waterfall and the moon.


Waterfall Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

Waterfall Cunca wulang NTT Indonesia (Source Image:
Waterfall Cunca wulang NTT Indonesia (Source Image:


From the capital of West Manggarai, Labuan Bajo, this waterfall is approximately 30 Km away and can be reached for approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours drive. You can use private vehicles nor vehicles that many leased around the Inn in Labuan Bajo.

Wulang Cunca waterfall is in a remote forest area Mbeilling. In this area there are still two other waterfalls, which of course has a beauty and charm of each. Two other waterfalls which you can find in this forest area is flax Cunca waterfall and Cunca escaped.


Upon arrival in the village of Wersawe, which is the gate to the waterfall Cunca Wulang, you can sign up and fill out the guestbook as well as hiring the services of a guide who will show you the path to the waterfall Cuca Wulang.

Then the trip will be followed by a short walk through the Woods and rocks, as well as exploring the Bush. Roughly you have to walk as far as the 1 hour drive.

Although his journey arguably is not difficult, but still it can be draining you. Upon arrival at the location of the Cuca Wulang, the journey will continue with the climb for about 10 minutes to get to the waterfall.

The Beauty Of Waterfalls Cunca Wulang, NTT, Indonesia

The beauty of attractions waterfalls Cunca Wulang can make you not tired of looking. At first glance, this waterfall looks like a smaller version of the Grand Canyon with the flow of the river between Cliff boulders and waterfalls are at the top of the boulders and out through the cracks of the rocks.

Since the waterfall Wulang Cunca is located at an altitude of 200 metres above sea level, the water flowed very cold and cool. In the flow of the falls, you not only can play around water but also swimming, because the depth of the river is not too deep.

In addition, you can walk around with climbing rocks, because the rocks around the waterfall is not sharp. If you have a large enough courage, you can dive from the top of stone into the river.

But of course you should inquire in advance to guide whether the condition of the River could be said to be safe if have to jump from the top. Because at the time of the dry season, normally the intensity of the water decreases.

Sitting around relaxing while enjoying a view of the waterfall from the top can you do. Visiting this place really gives you an extraordinary experience and cannot be forgotten.
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