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Hey Indonesia lovers.. Welcome!! This is  the first article of this blog. Hope you guys like it! hehe ^^

By the way, have you ever come to Indonesia? Which island did you visit? Which tourism object did you visit? I’m sure you know that Indonesia is an archipelago. It has many islands, cultures, languages, and also tourism objects. One of the famous tourism objects in Indonesia is Bali. I guess you know Bali, right? Bali is very famous around the world. It is an island with unique cultures, friendly people, and many exciting places to visit. One of them is Kuta Beach. 

So, if you have a plan to visit Bali, or maybe you have visited Bali and you just want to come back to this beautiful island of Indonesia, Kuta is worth to visit.

Kuta Beach is?

Kuta Beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali. It is not only visited by domestic tourist but also foreign tourists. The beach is located quite close from Ngurah Rai International Airport It has low cost, and the wave is suitable for the beginner surfers and also it is well-known for its beautiful sunset. The beach is said to have one of the best sunsets view in the world. Furthermore, Kuta has been a tourist spot since the 70s.


Kuta is a beach located in Kuta district (precisely in Kuta Village), which is part of Badung regency in Bali. Kuta Beach is on the west side of Jalan Pantai Kuta. The location is not far from Ngurah Rai Airport, it only takes 8 - 12 minutes - by car - from the Airport to Kuta Beach (about 4 - 5 km to the north). On the eastern side of the road is the location of shopping centers as well as famous hotels, such as ; Bali Beachwalk, Mall Bali, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Starbucks Kuta BEX, Best Western Kuta Beach,and other cool shopping places.

Kuta Beach is famous for its wave suitable for surfing (especially for beginners). So if you like surfing, you better don’t miss a chance to surf here. You can find many rented surf boards with various types and quality around the beach. And if you just want to try to surf, you can also find surf board rentals along with the guides. Just prepare some amount of money. The standard price is about IDR. 300.000 / 2 hours. But if you’re lucky, you can get the IDR. 75.000 – 100.000 per hour.(I believe it’s not so pricey if your currency is Dollars ^_^)

As I told you before, Kuta is well-known for its sunset. When the sea receded in the afternoon before the sunset, you can see a vast expanse of white sands with an exotic sunset view. Kuta Beach might look indifferent during the day, but you should not miss the afternoon atmosphere before sunset there.

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Kuta Beach

Beside surfing and watching sunsets, visitors can do a lot of other things. You can just enjoy the view, take some pictures, hang out at the cafe, get massage, sunbathing, make temporary tattoos or watch sacred ceremony of Balinese in the beach. One other interesting attraction you should not miss is the release of baby turtles (hatchling) to the sea. Tourists can participate in the release of these hatchlings to the sea.

So, what do you think? Hope it helps you to plan your vacation in Bali and I hope you like Kuta Beach.

See yah!!

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